Dmitry Naumkin has vast experience in the glossy projects (as an Art Director in popular men's magazines), winner of art and photography awards, he enjoys video editing, history of religions, martial arts. Upper-intermediate.
Maksim Mishchenko is a communications specialist. Even the stones speak in his presence. He is an expert in the organization of various business interactions, especially international. Famous crypto enthusiast. Upper-intermediate / Mittelstufe В2 / un poco de español / 一个小小的中国.
Ekaterina Dobrusina is a specialist in network technologies and digital marketing. Rich experience in building alternative models of promotion in social networks. She is keen of image-making. Pre-intermediate.
Alexander Krasnov is a developer (Python, PHP, JS (jQuery), Perl, C/C++) and photographer. He is fond of retro photo printing technologies. In a world where no one else takes pictures on film - he is the last. Advanced.
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